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Revolutionary. 10 years Painter & Decorator
von am 19.04.2018
This brush is perfect for cutting in skirting and architraves, I purchased the 20mm version. You can cut in sharp lines with ease straight out of the pack, no breaking in required or wearing it down. I put mine straight into solvent based undercoat and satin with no problems. The paint flow in the Hamilton Expression range is unrivalled, I’ve tried everything else, your Purdys, Picasso’s, Corona’s etc etc etc... The design and shape of this brush make it so precise, even more precise than a sash brush, it almost cuts itself in. Because of this I can actually move a lot, lot faster without compromising the quality of my cutting in lines. I can also cut in the tops of skirts without getting on my knees due to the longer handle and the dexterity of the brush. This brush is truly amazing, it’s absolutely brilliant for me, working on site, on price work and I believe it would be ideal for any other professional or diy’er too.