Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic Brushes

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Purdy Monarch XL Elite Paint Brushes

Product no.: PUIND

Purdy XL Elite Monarch synthetic brushes for use with all paints and available in sizes 1" to 4".


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Pro-Extra Monarch Paint Brushes

Product no.: PROEXTRA

The Purdy Pro-Extra Monarch brush has longer & thicker filaments which are suitable for water and oil based paints.

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Hamilton Perfection Pure Synthetic Brushes

Product no.: HAMS

These brushes are great in water based paints. The synthetic filaments offer excellent paint pick up and release.

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Hamilton Expression Flat Brush

Product no.: 16131

The Hamilton Expression range of paint brushes have soft tips that deliver a super smooth finish with all paint types.

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Hamilton Expression Angled Brush

Product no.: 16133

Hamilton Expression synthetic paint brush is developed to provide a smooth and consistent finish with all paints.

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Hamilton Expression Precision Brush

Product no.: 16139

The Expression Precision brush has a triangular head which aids productivity whilst still maintaining accuracy.

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Hamilton Prestige Synthetic Brush

Product no.: 23131

High quality synthetic filament paint brushes for great pick up. Comfortable beavertail handle, and vapour box compatible.

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Picasso Angled Cut Oval Standard Handle

Product no.: PIC1

Picasso Proform oval ferrule, cutting & trim synthetic PBT bristle brush with standard handle.

Available in 1.5", 2", 2.5" and 3".

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Picasso Straight Cut Standard Handle

Product no.: PIC4

Picasso Proform straight edge oval ferrule, synthetic PBT bristle brush with standard handle.

Available in 1", 2", 2.5" and 3".

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X-ZERO Synthetic Paint Brush

Product no.: ABPT

The Prodec X Zero paint brushes have an advanced formula coating applied to the filaments that enable great pick up and release.

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Harris T Class Delta SR synthetic brushes

Product no.: HDSB

Harris T class Delta SR synthetic brushes suitable for all paints.


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Cutting In Brushes

Product no.: CUTTIN

Cutting Edge synthetic angled paint brush which is perfect for cutting in.

Hamilton Synthetic Sash Brushes

Product no.: 23134

Hamilton Prestige synthetic sash brushes are shaped ideally for cutting in. Best used with water based paints.

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AXUS Blue Pro Finish Synthetic Paint Brush

Product no.: AXU/BB

Full stock of blended synthetic filaments for fast, smooth painting.

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Harris Artisan Paint Brush

Product no.: ARTISAN

Harris Artisan paint brushes have a beech wooden handle and fine synthetic filaments and are available in 1", 1.5, & 2"

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Hamilton Pure Synthetic Laying Off Brush

Product no.: 23137-100

For a great finish when laying off use the Hamilton fine tipped synthetic filament brush.


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AXUS Grey Pointed Precision Sash Brush

Product no.: AXU/BGPS

Pointed stock of super-fine filaments for fast painting of sash windows, architraves and other mouldings

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Hamilton Performance 2" Cutting In Brush

Product no.: 33132-216

Synthetic angled brush, great quality and holds more perfect for water-based paints 

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Diamond Synthetic Paint Brushes

Product no.: DIAMOND

The Diamond range of synthetic paint brushes have a varnished wooden handle and stainless steel ferrule.


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Angled window brush

Product no.: FFJAWB

1" Angled window brush. Ideal for cutting in on windows and sashes.


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Synthetic Brushes

Our range of synthetic paint brushes includes 0.5", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3", 4" paint brushes and brands include Hamilton , Harris, ProDec, Purdy.