Extension Poles

Extension Poles

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Extension Pole Double Click-Lock

Product no.: 8004

Harris Extension Poles. Super strong fibre glass and aluminium construction. Suitable for both screw and push fit roller handles.


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ProDec Advance Superlock Extension Pole

Product no.: AREX

ProDec fibreglass & aluminium extension pole with a strong button locking mechanism. Available in 2'-4' and 4'-8' sizes.

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Superhandle Extension Pole

Product no.: SUPEREX

Fibreglass extension pole with unique Structron double locking system and suitable for screw or push fit roller frames. Five size options, up to 24 feet.

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Purdy Power Lock Extension Poles

Product no.: PPLP

A quality professional's extension pole that can be used with standard threaded frames and the Purdy quick fit system frames.

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AXUS Blue Immaculate Extension Pole

Product no.: AXU/EPG

A quick and easy to use lightweight yet incredibly strong pole from Axus which locks firmly into place.

From £11.99

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Fibreglass Pole

Product no.: PFGP

4ft/1.2m One Piece Non Extendable Fibreglass Extension Pole


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Extension Pole Adapter

Product no.: 76300

Plastic threaded adaptor which converts threaded extension poles for use with push fit roller frames.

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Harris 3 Spare Extension Pole Adapters

Product no.: 80044

Replacement metal ends for Harris screw fit extension pole. Pack of 3


£5.99 / pack(s)
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Extension Pole Brush & Tool Holder

Product no.: 50300

A brush & tool holder that fits screw fit Extension Poles, thus allowing you to reach awkward areas easily.

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Pole Scraper

Product no.: PSHS

3" Scraper that can be attached to screw fit Extension Poles making awkward to reach areas easy to work on.

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Pole Scraper Bent Head

Product no.: PSHB

3" Scraper with an angled head which is made from high carbon steel. Can be fitted to screw fit Extension Poles.

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Swivel Pole Sander Complete With Fibreglass Pole

Product no.: SPSCFG

The Swivel Pole Sander Head has a heavy duty cast aluminium body with a universal joint that allows rotation in all directions. Comes complete with 4' Fibreglass Pole

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Swivel Pole Sander Head - ONLY

Product no.: SPSH

The Swivel Pole Sander Head has a heavy duty cast aluminium body with a universal joint that allows rotation in all directions. Can be used to sand floors, walls, ceilings and other flat surfaces

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Extension Poles

Our extension poles can be used to aid painting, decorating, sanding and plastering and come with a range of accessories. Whether its lightweight, strong fibreglass, extra long or a swivelling head pole you need for those hard to reach areas - you will find one below to suit your needs.