Thermal Wallpaper Liners

Thermal Wallpaper Liners

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Wallrock Thermal Liner

Product no.: 550001

Wallrock Thermal Liner can save you up to 36% on your energy bills, reduce your room warm up time by 65%, resists the formation of mould and damp while allowing walls to breathe.

£42.00 / Roll(s)
In stock

Wallrock R300 Liner

Product no.: WR300

The R300 utilises technology developed for Wallrock Thermal Liner in a more economic package, so whilst it does not significantly reduce energy loss through the surface it does bring 'tired old surfaces back to flat' and helps combat mould and damp formation.

Roll size: 25m x1m

£77.00 / Roll(s)
In stock

Wallrock KV600 Thermal Liner

Product no.: KV600

KV600 is bigger and better then Wallrock's Thermal Liner, developed to save more energy. With added benefits such as the ability to bring rough plaster or textured surfaces ‘back to flat’, sound absorption and by resisting mould and damp formation.

£108.00 / Roll(s)
In stock

lnsulating Lining Paper

Product no.: ILP

A 4mm polystyrene layer laminated with a 1200 grade lining paper ideal for professional and DIY.

£8.25 / Roll(s)
In stock

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic

Product no.: WDT

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic is a completely new, technically superior, zero paper content, zero tar content product to our original Wallrock Dampstop, available at a very competitve price.

£9.99 / Roll(s)
In stock

Heatsaver Wall Underliner

Product no.: HWU

A 2mm polystyrene lining paper containing fire retardants to provide basic insulation and combat condensation.

£4.50 / Roll(s)
In stock

Insulating Lining Paper Graphite+

Product no.: ILPG+

This lining paper uses Graphite+ technology to increase its thermal insulation properties.

£12.90 / Roll(s)
In stock

Wallrock Cosy Liner KV300

Product no.: KV300

This 1mm thick insulating liner offers significant energy savings as well as reinforcing your wall

£31.00 / Roll(s)
In stock

Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive

Product no.: WTLA

Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive is the perfect base for decorating, its unique formula fills cracks / imperfections minimizing the need for wall preparation.

In stock

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive

Product no.: WDTA

Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive has been specifically formulated to work in conjunction witht the Wallrock Dampstop Thermic roll

In stock

Wallrock Thermal FR Fire Adhesive 5kg

Product no.: WFA5

Ready Mixed Adhesive for use with Wallrock Fireliner 

£19.80 / 5 kg
In stock

Insulation Panels

Insulation Panels

Our range of thermally efficient insulation panels

Thermal Wallpaper Liners
A selection of Thermal Lining Papers including Wallrock Thermal Liner and Wallrock R300 Liner.