Picasso Angled Cut Oval Standard Handle

Picasso Angled Cut Oval Standard Handle

Product no.: PIC1

Picasso Proform oval ferrule, cutting & trim synthetic PBT bristle brush.

All Picasso paint brushes incorporate advantage PBT filament that cleans perfectly and more importantly lay out paint ideal for oil or water based paints.

  • Hardline "No Drip" Interior Construction
  • Acid dipped tips, hand chiselled so paint engages the wall and lays out perfectly
  • Advantage PBT™, proprietary filament blend for easy paint application and cleaning
  • Primary Epoxy, binds filament
  • Securing Hardware, most indestructible brush made!
  • Additional Epoxy, holds handle to ferrule securley and fills the gap between handle and brush knot... no drip!

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Product no. size Price
PIC1-1.5 1 1/2"/38mm £9.00
PIC1-2.0 2"/50mm £10.75
PIC1-2.5 2.5"/64mm £13.99
PIC1-3.0 3"/75mm £16.75
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