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NEW! DUNLOP Rapid Repair Rescue Filler COMING SOON!



Rapid Rescue Repair Filler Is the amazing new Filler from DUNLOP featuring their amazing new Hydroloc technology. 

Having seen this product at the 21st Painters and decorators show, we are very excited to be stocking this product in the New Year.

With a 90 minute drying time no matter what the temperature this filler looks set to make life a lot easier for anyone who needs a quick fix or emegency repair.

If you have used Dunlop's Hydroloc technology before you will know what a difference it makes, instead of drying by evaporation, Hydroloc products harden through a chemical reaction meaning they dry evenly no matter the thickness and leaves a finish that can be directly decorated over.

So all in all we reccomend giving this a try for yourself to see the difference, We bet you won't be dissapointed. 

Get yours from 04/01/16.

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